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The International Association of Personal Protection Agents, active worldwide since 1989, has always been known for putting strong emphasis on practical experience and wouldn’t even certify their own graduates until they could prove at least four years of experience on the field.
Now, the other way around can work for you, if you have enough training and experience but lack a certification.
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Why the IAPPA Certification Program is Revolutionary?

The IAPPA Certification program is closing this gap for people who really know their jobs, have hands-on experience and want that to be valued as such. For very low fees compared to extensive certification courses, it offers experienced professionals a valid trackable certificate.

Issued by a worldwide recognized institution, employers know that the person is a serious and field-proven professional. Without all the hassle and costs of the older ways.

How do I become certified?

Any person who has been active in security, law enforcement or military and has gathered enough knowledge and experience in a specific area can find their corresponding certification according to the United International Security Associations table of standards.

These are the steps to your 
career boost

1.  Select the certificate you wish to apply for.

2. Applications are assessed by the United International Security Associations Certification Board. Background checks are conducted, some documents might be validated with the issuing institution or more information or documents may be requested.

3. Once you fulfill all the requirements, you will be issued a hand-signed certificate including a unique number for any employer to confirm directly if necessary. You will receive a digital copy in advance. 



!! Special Requirements for the Private Executive Protection Agent program !!

This program is geared exclusively towards former police and military personnel with close protection experience. If you start to certified for the PEPA program, you must complete an online training course (approx. 30 min.) The online course will level the knowledge to IAPPA standards and includes several sections preparing you for the specifics of close protection in civilian environments. The online course is included in the certification at no extra course but its completion is also a pre-requisite for certification. 


Course information:

Venue: Global

Fee: 225 EURO

Date: Individual

Applikation: online

Private Executive Protection Agent 

The PEPA program was developed exclusively for individuals who have gathered considerable experience in close protection, but lack a recognized or international certification to work in private executive protection. An example are former soldiers, police officers or civilians who have consistently “learned by doing”.

All PEPA-certified professionals and graduates from IAPPA-accredited Close Protection Agent programs will have the opportunity to engage in international missions and be considered for the CCPA® Program. The Certified Close Protection Agent badge is IAPPA’s quality seal and can only be earned after considerable training and experience, becoming part of a very exclusive and internationally recognized elite team. In addition to proof of education and work in the security industry, we expect a minimum of 4 years in the field.

Certified Security Manager 

The Certified Security Manager is the competence in security and one of the highest certifications isseud by IAPPA. And only for true experts.

Do you have your own security company or are you in a management position? Your customers count on you because you always manage and take care of everything? Your expertise is special and has proven to be indispensable over the years? Then you deserve to show your achievements and be recognized on an international level as an IAPPA Certified Security Manager.

In addition to proof of education and work in the security industry, we expect you to have worked in this field on a managerial level for at least 3 years.

Certified Security

Security consulting for customers, government agencies or other entities is an extremely important area of the security industry. It forms the basis for the actions that must then be taken.

Security consulting, therefore, requires a high level of brainpower, expertise and know-how.In addition to proof of training and activities in the security industry, we expect a minimum of 3 years of activity in this area.​

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