The UISA online Academy


Not all training courses can be carried out online. For example, training to become a Close Protection Agent as an online Event makes no sense at all. It lacks a lot of practical content, which is an essential part of the training. In order to become a Certified Close Protection Agent®, you must complete hands-on training at one of our physical academies. However, there are some training courses that make perfect sense, as they offer the opportunity to learn new things and broaden your own horizons. 


However, many professionals, as well as newcomers to the security industry, legitimately seek further qualification and competence through knowledge. But often there is not enough time or courses are not offered regionally. For this reason we have developed the UISA - Online Academy. All courses focus on elements that can be learned and practiced online. Developed by professionals with years of hands-on experience in the field, your training will be laser-focused on what matters in real life, and you'll never look at things the same way again after...

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