..for those who give their best every day! 

The World Security Patrol Association is the premier global association for mobile security , patrol services, event security, property protection and general security services.  


WSPA is an international association that promotes quality patrol training and uniform standards in the security industry. While mobile security guards in particular have a poor reputation in some countries, they are well received in others because they provide security in their area of operation.


Our goal is a positive perception of our work among the population!


WSPA is committed to motivating officers of all backgrounds to pursue the exciting profession of security with pride and honor, and to educate, exchange and share experiences, information and motivation with others for their own motivation.  


WSPA not only offers programs and certifications for professionals and leaders - we are committed to all people who give their best every day - working for the safety of people and values. 


Since 2021, WSPA has been a member of the United International Security Associations.


WSPA - because only together we are strong!  

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