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World Security Patrol Association

a member of United International Security Associations

Strength in Security: The WSPA Way

The WSPA (World Security Professionals Association) is an international association specializing in security services. Since its foundation in 2012, the association has built up a dedicated team that acts for customers, members and interested parties worldwide. The main objectives of the WSPA are to advise, inform and train security forces, authorities, security companies and customers.


A central concern of the association is the creation and implementation of uniform and binding standards for the security industry. This is reflected in the WSPA's efforts to ensure that all members and partner organizations meet the highest quality standards in their security services. Through these standards, the Association strives to promote the professionalism and effectiveness of the security industry worldwide.


As well as providing a platform for the sharing of best practice and experience, the WSPA is committed to ongoing training to ensure that its members are always up to date with the latest security technologies and practices. This holistic approach reflects the association's commitment to continuous development and improvement.


Overall, the WSPA embodies the spirit of a global community of security professionals working together to raise security standards worldwide and create a safer environment for all.

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Security Training by WSPA


WSPA offers a variety of training programs to members of the security and law enforcement community. We provide clients from all over the world with security training that is in accordance with

the highest international WSPA standards.


We host and organize courses with our international partners and certified instructors - for first-class results and the necessary knowledge advantage.

security consulting


We advise our customers and members on all security issues. Our areas of expertise are the protection of private homes, residential complexes, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping centers. But our security experts are also on hand to advise on the protection of events, trade fairs, conferences, board meetings and product presentations. 


We provide information on technical security systems and support our clients in the day-to-day management of large and small security projects. For example, event organizers can draw on our extensive experience in the field of event security management.

certified close protection agent


The WSPA Certification program is closing this gap for people who really know their jobs, have hands-on experience and want that to be valued as such.

Our certifications are not gifts that you buy online. Our examination board evaluates every application received and only certifies those that meet the high standard. An internationally recognized certificate from WSPA distinguishes the holder as a true professional. 

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"Success is the result of hard work, perseverance and the tireless willingness to get back up when you fall."

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