Code of Honor

Our Standards define who we are. Every member of the
United International Security Associations 

is aware of its responsibility - not only as a member, but as part of our society!  


Courage • Loyalty  Respect • Honor


1. Never leave a team member in need behind.

2. Everyone must contribute to and share with our tribe. 

3. Never stop learning

4. Take full responsibility for yourself

5. Honor the Business, have respect and give knowledge in the true way

6. Love and live what you do and lead by example

7. Every Rookie deserves your attention

8. Bring light into the Rookies world

9. Don´t misuse the influential power that comes with this Business

10. Honest communication is a must

11. Take challenges to grow and contribute

12. Honor all agreements

13. Show respect to all human beings

14. Show loyalty to your Company, Clients and Colleagues.

15. Treat others the way you want to be treated. No matter what the situation. 

 16. People's lives also depend on your behavior and your attitude to the Job. Alias be aware of this.




Berlin/Germany, June 2021

The President/CEO and the Leadership Team of the

United International Security Associations  

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