Starting 2021, WSPA will be taking another further step toward its mission of advocating for and actively contributing to establishing uniform and high-quality standards in the security industry around the Globe.


After years of preparations and consultations with some of the most recognizable names in the industry, a common set of rules and must-haves has been developed to ensure that WSPA partners uphold the uniform, high-level standards required for excellent security.

Who can get accredited?

Any official academy training law and security professionals can request accreditation by WSPA which will, in turn, assess their programs, qualifications and training structure as well as, if needed, advise and support the implementation of standards that can bear the WSPA seal. 

What types of training can be accredited?

Currently, all kinds go security training for Mall Security, Resident Security, Hotel Security, Patrol Officer, Event Security and many more are being accredited under the common UISA standards. If you have another group being trained and want to inquire about accreditation, contact us.

What is going to be assessed?

A successful training is made of several different factors that come together in order to uphold to the highest standards. WSPA will analyze the course outline, the length of the course, the qualification of the instructors (anonymized) and the resources made available to the trainees.

What benefits does an academy have from the accreditation?

Besides the enormous image benefit of having a quality seal by one of the most renowned organizations worldwide, the academy will receive professional support all the way to the accreditation. In case the standards are not met right away a team of experts will advise the academy on best practices from other accredited institutions.


An accredited academy can solemnly be shown on the WSPA’s website as meeting the highest standards in their courses and close protection certification.

Once accredited, an academy can get all of its trainees certified by WSPA at no extra cost. All emitted certificates will bear the right to be stamped as „Certified byWSPA“, increasing its value immensely.

And last but not least, WSPA members and WSPA partners are frequently requested to act on special events when just being good is not enough. For this reason, these jobs are only awarded if the entire personnel has been trained and certified under WSPA standards.

What is the next step?

Contact theUISA Accreditation board HERE!

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